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Cambraia Lopes, P (author), Bauer, J. (author), Salomon, A. (author), Rinaldi, I (author), Tabacchini, V. (author), Tessonnier, T. (author), Crespo, P (author), Parodi, K (author), Schaart, D.R. (author)
Positron emission tomography (PET) is the imaging modality most extensively tested for treatment monitoring in particle therapy. Optimal use of PET in proton therapy requires in situ acquisition of the relatively strong <sup>15</sup>O signal due to its relatively short half-life (∼2 min) and high oxygen content in biological tissues, enabling...
journal article 2016
Bauer, J. (author), Bykov, V. (author), Maas, U. (author)
The usage of detailed chemical kinetics for the mathematical modeling of combustion processes is desirable, but leads to a high computational effort. In the present work one of the methods of simplification of chemical kinetics - Intrinsic low-dimensional manifolds (ILDMs) is considered. Whereas in most CFD applications ILDMs are calculated in...
conference paper 2006