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Beckers, J. (author), Doorn, N. (author), Van der Klis, H. (author)
The goal of the uncertainty analyses within the SBW Wadden Sea project is to find out which accuracy in HBC can be achieved, given the current state of scientific knowledge and technical instruments. Furthermore, we wish to quantify the contribution of the SWAN model and other components to the overall uncertainty in HBC. In order to answer...
report 2007
Sim, E. (author), Beckers, J. (author), De Leeuw, S. (author), Thorpe, M. (author), Ratner, M.A. (author)
We introduce a simple semiempirical anharmonic Kirkwood–Keating potential to model AxB1?xC-type semiconductors. The potential consists of the Morse strain energy and Coulomb interaction terms. The optical constants of pure components, AB and BC, were employed to fit the potential parameters such as bond-stretching and -bending force constants,...
journal article 2005
Beckers, J. (author)
report 1987