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Roungas, V. (author), Bekius, F.A. (author), Verbraeck, A. (author), Meijer, S.A. (author)
Gaming simulations (games) for policy and decision making have been the neglected “sibling” of educational and training games. The latter have experienced a widespread usage by practitioners and researchers, while the former have had limited, yet slowly increasing, adoption by organisations. As a result, various issues developing and using these...
journal article 2020
Bekius, F.A. (author)
Decision-making on large infrastructural projects is complex. The complexity arises from the interdependencies within and between technical and social systems. The dynamic environment in which the decision-making takes place adds to this complexity. In this dissertation, we use game concepts to understand complex decision-making processes, and...
doctoral thesis 2019
Roungas, V. (author), Bekius, F.A. (author), Meijer, S.A. (author)
Background. The abstraction of complex systems, which is required by default when modelling gaming simulations, is a convoluted and time-consuming process. For gaming simulations to be efficient and effective, the problem of the real system they imitate needs to be narrowed down and simplified as much as possible. Additionally, even after...
journal article 2019