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van der Meer, Marjolein C. (author), Bosman, P.A.N. (author), Pieters, Bradley R. (author), Niatsetski, Yury (author), van Wieringen, Niek (author), Alderliesten, T. (author), Bel, Arjan (author)
Purpose: To investigate the variation in computed dose-volume (DV) indices for high-dose-rate (HDR) prostate brachytherapy that can result from typical differences in computation settings in treatment planning systems (TPSs). Methods: Five factors were taken into account: number of dose-calculation points, radioactive source description,...
journal article 2019
Virgolin, M. (author), Alderliesten, Tanja (author), Bel, Arjan (author), Witteveen, C. (author), Bosman, P.A.N. (author)
The recently introduced Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithm for Genetic Programming (GP-GOMEA) has been shown to find much smaller solutions of equally high quality compared to other state-of-the-art GP approaches. This is an interesting aspect as small solutions better enable human interpretation. In this paper, an adaptation of...
conference paper 2018
Virgolin, M. (author), Dijk van, Irma (author), Wiersma, Jan (author), Ronckers, Cecile (author), Witteveen, C. (author), Rasch, Coen (author), Bel, Arjan (author), Alderliesten, Tanja (author), Bosman, P.A.N. (author)
conference paper 2016