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Bouarfa, Soufiane (author), Blom, H.A.P. (author), Sharpanskykh, Alexei (author), Belhadji, K. (author)
Motivated by the need to understand and further optimize AOC decision making processes under uncertainty, this paper implements and evaluates the effects of operational uncertainties using Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation. The specific application concerns a challenging scenario composed of two consecutive disruptions. To evaluate the...
conference paper 2021
Belhadji, K. (author)
Airlines are subject to external events that may disrupt their day-to-day operations. These disruptions lead to additional costs for crew, fuel, aircraft, maintenance and a loss of passenger goodwill. Therefore, each airline has an Airline Operations Control (AOC) department that is responsible for disruption management. The problems faced by...
master thesis 2016