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Fontanella, Alessandro (author), Al, Mees (author), van Wingerden, J.W. (author), Belloli, Marco (author)
Floating wind turbines rely on feedback-only control strategies to mitigate the negative effects of wave excitation. Improved power generation and lower fatigue loads can be achieved by including information about incoming waves in the turbine controller. In this paper, a wave-feedforward control strategy is developed and implemented in a 10...
journal article 2021
Tomasicchio, Giuseppe Roberto (author), Vicinanza, Diego (author), Belloli, Marco (author), Viré, A.C. (author), Monbaliu, Jaak (author), Taruffi, F. (author), Pustina, Luca (author), Leone, Elisa (author), Russo, Sara (author)
The present paper describes the experiences gained from the design methodology and operation of a 3D physical model experiment aimed to investigate the dynamic behaviour of a spar buoy (SB) off-shore floating wind turbine (WT) under different wind and wave conditions. The physical model tests have been performed at Danish Hydraulic Institute ...
conference paper 2019
Bordogna, G. (author), Keuning, J.A. (author), Huijsmans, R.H.M. (author), Fossati, Fabio Vittorio (author), Belloli, Marco (author)
In recent years wind-assisted propulsion for commercial ships has gained an increasing interest as valuable alternative to reduce fuel pollutant emissions. However, the development of feasible and commercially viable wind propulsion systems to partially (or fully) propel a ship is nowadays hindered by the difficulties of modelling the...
conference paper 2016