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Girrbach, Fabian (author), Zandbergen, Raymond (author), Kok, M. (author), Hageman, Tijmen (author), Bellusci, Giovanni (author), DIehl, Moritz (author)
Inertial sensors are used in an increasing number of autonomous applications. Integrating such sensors into dynamic systems, the problem of their calibration arises naturally. Existing methods often require the sensor to be accurately placed in certain poses, which can be infeasible in practice. In this paper, we present an optimization-based...
conference paper 2019
Karatsidis, Angelos (author), Richards, Rosie E. (author), Konrath, Jason M. (author), Van Den Noort, Josien C. (author), Schepers, H. Martin (author), Bellusci, Giovanni (author), Harlaar, J. (author), Veltink, Peter H. (author)
Background: Gait retraining interventions using real-time biofeedback have been proposed to alter the loading across the knee joint in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Despite the demonstrated benefits of these conservative treatments, their clinical adoption is currently obstructed by the high complexity, spatial demands, and cost of...
journal article 2018
Girrbach, Fabian (author), Hol, Jeroen D. (author), Bellusci, Giovanni (author), Diehl, Moritz (author)
conference paper 2017