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Zhao, Yuan (author), Alderliesten, R.C. (author), Wu, Zengwen (author), Zhou, Zhengong (author), Fang, Guodong (author), Zhang, Jiazhen (author), Benedictus, R. (author)
Finite-width-correction factors (FWCF) are required for GLARE to accurately predict fatigue crack growth using linear elastic fracture mechanics. As demonstrated in earlier work, these factors effectively correct for the change in specimen compliance, which in GLARE relates to intact fibre layers and the formation of delaminations between...
journal article 2019
Zhao, Y. (author), Alderliesten, R.C. (author), Zhou, Zhengong (author), Fang, Guodong (author), Zhang, Jiazhen (author), Benedictus, R. (author)
In general, a finite width correction to stress intensity factor (SIF) is required in the fatigue crack growth. The finite width correction factor can be explained physically from the energy point of view. It is assumed that the finite width correction factor primarily constitutes an energy correction factor, i.e. it corrects the applied load...
journal article 2018
Zhang, Z. (author), Wang, W. (author), Rans, C.D. (author), Benedictus, R. (author)
This paper provides an experimental investigation into the pin loading effects on the crack growth behaviour in Fibre Metal Laminates. The pin loading effects and bypass loading effects are incorporated in two different tested joints. The analysis of the test results shows that pin loading dominates the crack growth only in the vicinity of the...
journal article 2016