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Coles, Patrick J. (author), Berta, Mario (author), Tomamichel, Marco (author), Wehner, S.D.C. (author)
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle forms a fundamental element of quantum mechanics. Uncertainty relations in terms of entropies were initially proposed to deal with conceptual shortcomings in the original formulation of the uncertainty principle and, hence, play an important role in quantum foundations. More recently, entropic uncertainty...
journal article 2017
Berta, Mario (author), Wehner, S.D.C. (author), Wilde, Mark M. (author)
The entropic uncertainty relation with quantum side information (EUR-QSI) from (Berta et al 2010 Nat. Phys. 6 659) is a unifying principle relating two distinctive features of quantum mechanics: quantum uncertainty due to measurement incompatibility, and entanglement. In these relations, quantum uncertainty takes the form of preparation...
journal article 2016