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Steendam, G.J. (author), Van der Meer, J. (author), Verhaeghe, H. (author), Besley, P. (author), Franco, L. (author), Van Gent, M.R.A. (author)
One of the main objectives within the EU-project CLASH ( was to create a generic prediction method for wave overtopping at coastal structures by means of the Neural Network technique. An extensive and homogeneous database on wave overtopping was set up within CLASH, mainly with the aim to be used for the training process of the...
report 2004
Besley, P. (author)
This manual draws together and summarises previous research into the overtopping performance of seawalls. Data is re-analysed to provide a set of consistent design techniques, representing the most reliable approach to the assessment of seawall overtopping by wave action. The manual consists of five principal sections. Following introductory...
report 1998