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Beydilli, Esad (author)
Metal oxide nanoparticle gas sensors showpromise due to their high sensitivity towards a wide range of gases, low costs, and low complexity. Particle sizes at nanometers offer a high surface-to-volume ratio which provides more areas on the surface where reactions can occur. This work presents the application of spark ablated nanoparticles on...
master thesis 2022
Beydilli, Esad (author), Abdellaoui, Zakaria (author)
Endoscopic devices are used in the medical world to inspect the gastrointestinal tract. Because there are some complications with wired endoscopy, such as reaching the small intestine, there is a need for new methods to do endoscopy. Therefore an endoscopic pill is invented which can be used to do measurements in the gastrointestinal tract. This...
bachelor thesis 2019