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van Koppen, L.M. (author), Dugulan, A.I. (author), Hensen, Emiel J.M. (author), Bezemer, G. Leendert (author)
The commercial application of cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) suffers from catalyst deactivation. One of the main deactivation mechanisms under industrial conditions is sintering. In this work, we explored the role of manganese oxide as a structural promoter against sintering in a carbon nanofiber supported cobalt model catalyst....
journal article 2022
Gonugunta, P. (author), Dugulan, A.I. (author), Bezemer, G. Leendert (author), Brück, E.H. (author)
Operando spectroscopic techniques (Diffusive Reflective Infrared Fourier-Transform and Mössbauer emission spectroscopy) were combined to investigate the role of oxygenates deposition on deactivation of cobalt on titania Fischer-Tropsch catalysts at high pressure. Clear formation of carboxylates was seen for catalysts prepared via both...
journal article 2021