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Bhattarai, Abhisek (author), Mäkelä, Janne T.A. (author), Pouran, Behdad (author), Kröger, Heikki (author), Weinans, Harrie (author), Grinstaff, Mark W. (author), Töyräs, Juha (author), Turunen, Mikael J. (author)
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography is an emerging diagnostic technique for osteoarthritis. However, the effects of increased water content, as well as decreased collagen and proteoglycan concentrations due to cartilage degeneration, on the diffusion of cationic and nonionic agents, are not fully understood. We hypothesize that for a...
journal article 2021
Bhattarai, Abhisek (author), Pouran, Behdad (author), Mäkelä, Janne T.A. (author), Shaikh, Rubina (author), Honkanen, Miitu K.M. (author), Prakash, Mithilesh (author), Kröger, Heikki (author), Grinstaff, Mark W. (author), Weinans, Harrie (author), Jurvelin, Jukka S. (author), Töyräs, Juha (author)
Cationic computed tomography contrast agents are more sensitive for detecting cartilage degeneration than anionic or non-ionic agents. However, osteoarthritis-related loss of proteoglycans and increase in water content contrarily affect the diffusion of cationic contrast agents, limiting their sensitivity. The quantitative dual-energy...
journal article 2020