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Geržinic, N. (author), Cats, O. (author), van Oort, N. (author), Hoogendoorn-Lanser, S. (author), Bierlaire, Michel (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
Understanding user's perception of service variability is essential to discern their overall perception of any type of (transport) service. We study the perception of waiting time variability for ride-hailing services. We carried out a stated preference survey in August 2021, yielding 936 valid responses. The respondents were faced with...
journal article 2023
Pacheco Paneque, Meritxell (author), Gendron, Bernard (author), Sharif Azadeh, S. (author), Bierlaire, Michel (author)
Choice-based optimization problems are the family of optimization problems that incorporate the stochasticity of individual preferences according to discrete choice models to make planning decisions. This integration brings non-convexity and nonlinearity to the associated mathematical formulations. Previously, the authors have tackled these...
journal article 2022
Markov, Iliya (author), Bierlaire, Michel (author), Cordeau, Jean François (author), Maknoon, M.Y. (author), Varone, Sacha (author)
We solve a rich routing problem inspired from practice, in which a heterogeneous fixed fleet is used for collecting recyclable waste from large containers over a finite planning horizon. Each container is equipped with a sensor that communicates its level at the start of the day. Given a history of observations, a forecasting model is used to...
journal article 2020