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Liang, Jianbin (author), Jiang, James W. (author), Callegaro, Alan Dorneles (author), Bilgin, Berker (author), Dong, J. (author), Reeves, Debbie (author), Emadi, Ali (author)
This study presents a numerical modelling approach for the prediction of vibration and acoustic noise for a 24/16 traction switched reluctance machine (SRM). The numerical modelling includes the simulation of electromagnetic force in JMAG, the calculation of natural frequencies and the simulation of vibration and acoustic noise in ACTRAN....
journal article 2020
Bilgin, Berker (author), Liang, Jianbin (author), Terzic, Mladen V. (author), Dong, J. (author), Rodriguez, Romina (author), Trickett, Elizabeth (author), Emadi, Ali (author)
This paper presents a comprehensive state-of-the-art review of the modeling and analysis methods for the multidisciplinary design of electric motors for various applications including vehicular power and propulsion systems and electrified powertrains. It covers the important aspects of different engineering domains, such as dynamic modeling,...
journal article 2019
Dong, J. (author), Howey, Brock (author), Danen, Benjamin (author), Lin, Jianing (author), Weisheng Jiang, James (author), Bilgin, Berker (author), Emadi, Ali (author)
This paper proposes an advanced dynamic modelling approach of the mutually coupled switched reluctance motor (MCSRM) in the dq reference system that can consider saturation, cross-coupling, and spatial harmonics. Different topologies and their operating principles are investigated and an idealized dq -model considering the inductance harmonics...
journal article 2018