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Boers, Luke (author)
The petrol distribution problem is well-known in the literature as the Petrol Station Replenishment Problem (PSRP). This research concerns a "rich" version of the multi-period PSRP with real-life characteristics, to represent the complexity of the practical problem. The planning is optimised over multiple days, since stations do not need to be...
master thesis 2020
Boers, Luke (author), Atasoy, B. (author), Correia, Gonçalo (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author)
We present a “rich” Petrol Station Replenishment Problem (PSRP) with real-life characteristics that represents the complexities involved in actual operations. The planning is optimised over multiple days and therefore, the new variant can be classified as the Multi-Period Petrol Station Replenishment Problem (MP-PSRP). A Mixed Integer Linear...
conference paper 2020
Bartelings, Tijn (author), Boers, Luke (author), Penning, Maxime (author), Stam, Hugo (author)
Surname is known for its rich colonial history and its export of coffee, cocoa and sugar, produced on plantations. Workforce was pulled away from agriculture industry when bauxite became an important export product which mines got exhausted recently. Nowadays, mining of minerals such as oil and gold is important for the economy of Suriname. The...
student report 2019