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Fenten, Jan (author), Bohm, N.L. (author), Van den Berg, Bas (author)
The challenges we collectively face, such as climate change, are characterized by more complexity, interdependence, and dynamism than is common for educational practice. This presents a challenge for (university) education. These sustainability transition challenges are often described as wicked or VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and...
conference paper 2021
Bohm, N.L. (author), Klaassen, R.G. (author), den Brok, Perry (author), van Bueren, Ellen (author)
Challenge-based learning (CBL) is increasingly on the higher education agenda. In many universities of technology in the Netherlands, CBL is being implemented in engineering education programmes to prepare students to work on authentic, complex, societal challenges, provided by partners from outside of the university. Making societal impact is...
conference paper 2020