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Tissier, M.F.S. (author), Bonneton, P (author), Ruessink, Gerben (author)
The phenomenon of bore merging is investigated using two high-resolution laboratory experiments including bichromatic and irregular wave conditions. The locations at which waves start merging are identified and the hydrodynamic conditions in the vicinity of the merging points are examined. Bore merging takes place in the inner surf zone for all...
conference paper 2017
Tissier, M. (author), Bonneton, P. (author), Michallet, H. (author), Ruessink, B.G. (author)
The cross-shore evolution of individual wave celerity is investigated using two highresolution laboratory experiments on bichromatic waves. Individual waves are tracked during their onshore propagation and their characteristics, including celerity, are estimated. The intrawave variability in celerity is low in the shoaling zone but increases...
journal article 2015