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Faucon, L.E.K. (author), Boot, T. (author), Riemslag, A.C. (author), Scott, S.P. (author), Liu, Ping (author), Popovich, V. (author)
In this work, the hydrogen fatigue of pipeline steel X60, its girth welds and weld defects were investigated through in situ fatigue testing. A novel in situ gaseous hydrogen charging fatigue set-up was developed, which involves a sample geometry that mimics a small-scale pipeline with high internal hydrogen gas pressure. The effect of hydrogen...
journal article 2023
Boot, T. (author), Riemslag, A.C. (author), Reinton, T.E. (author), Liu, P. (author), Walters, C.L. (author), Popovich, V. (author)
This work discusses the design and demonstration of an in-situ test setup for testing pipeline steels in a high pressure gaseous hydrogen (H2) environment. A miniature hollow pipe-like tensile specimen was designed that acts as the gas containment volume during the test. Specific areas of the specimen can be forced to fracture by selective...
journal article 2021
Boot, T. (author), Riemslag, A.C. (author), Reinton, T.E. (author), Liu, Ping (author), Walters, C.L. (author), Popovich, V. (author)
With fossil fuels being phased out and growing global interest in a hydrogen economy, there is demand for re-purposing existing pipelines for transportation of hydrogen gas. However, hydrogen embrittlement (HE) can limit pipeline steel’s performance. In this study, the effect of hydrogen on the mechanical properties of an X60 base metal ...
conference paper 2021