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Bot, Daniël M. (author), Wolf, B.J. (author), van Netten, Sietse M. (author)
The lateral line organ of fish has inspired engineers to develop flow sensor arrays— dubbed artificial lateral lines (ALLs)—capable of detecting near-field hydrodynamic events for obstacle avoidance and object detection. In this paper, we present a comprehensive review and comparison of ten localisation algorithms for ALLs. Differences in the...
journal article 2021
Bot, Daniel (author)
Geothermal energy is a way of reducing the cost of energy. Deep geothermal energy systems extract heat from very deep soil layers where the temperatures are very high. Shallow geothermal energy systems are about 150 metres deep and they are used to store heat in the soil, to extract it later and use it for space heating. These shallow geothermal...
master thesis 2017