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Bouwers, E.M. (author)
Software systems make up an important part of our daily lives. Just like all man- made objects, the possibilities of a software system are constrained by the choices made during its creation. The complete set of these choices can be referred to as the software architecture of a system. Since the software architecture of a system has a large...
doctoral thesis 2013
Bouwers, E.M. (author), Correia, J.P. (author), Van Deursen, A. (author), Visser, J. (author)
The decomposition of a software system into components is a major decision in any software architecture, having a strong influence on many of its quality aspects. A system’s analyzability, in particular, is influenced by its decomposition into components. But into how many components should a system be decomposed to achieve optimal analyzability...
report 2011