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Bozdag, V.E. (author)
Online web services such as Google and Facebook started using personalization algorithms. Because information is customized per user by the algorithms of these services, two users who use the same search query or have the same friend list may get different results. Online services argue that by using personalization algorithms, they may show the...
doctoral thesis 2015
Bozdag, V.E. (author), Gao, Q. (author), Warnier, M.E. (author), Houben, G.J.P.M. (author)
Information diversity has a long tradition in human history. Recently there have been claims that diversity is diminishing in information available in social networks. On the other hand, some studies suggest that diversity is actually quite high in social networks such as Twitter. However these studies only focus on the concept of source...
conference paper 2013
Bozdag, V.E. (author), Timmermans, J.F.C. (author)
Cloud services such as Facebook and Google search started to use personalization algorithms in order to deal with growing amount of data online. This is often done in order to reduce the “information overload”. User’s interaction with the system is recorded in a single identity, and the information is personalized for the user using this...
conference paper 2001