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Brand, Evelien (author), Ramaekers, Gemma (author), Lodder, Q.J. (author)
The Dutch coast is one of the most heavily nourished coasts globally. An average of 12 mln. m3 is annually added to the coastline of only 432 km for dynamic coastline conservation. This study provides an overview of the operational aspects of the more than 300 nourishments for coastline maintenance that have been performed since the 1990s and...
journal article 2022
Brand, Evelien (author), De Sloover, Lars (author), De Wulf, Alain (author), Montreuil, Anne Lise (author), Vos, S.E. (author), Chen, Margaret (author)
Sediment transport is a key element in intertidal beach morphodynamics, but measurements of sediment transport are often unreliable. The aim of this study is to quantify and investigate cross-shore sediment transport and the resulting topographic changes for a tide-dominated, sandy beach. Two fortnight-long field experiments were carried out...
journal article 2019