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Picano, Francesco (author), Simões Costa, P. (author), Breugem, W.P. (author), Brandt, Luca (author)
Dense suspensions are usually investigated in the laminar limit where inertial effects are insignificant. In this regime, the main effect of the suspended phase is to alter the rheological behavior of the flow which always displays higher effective viscosity with respect to the carrier fluid. When the flow rate is high enough, i.e. at high...
conference paper 2017
Simões Costa, P. (author), Picano, Francesco (author), Brandt, Luca (author), Breugem, W.P. (author)
The macroscopic behavior of dense suspensions of neutrally buoyant spheres in turbulent plane channel flow is examined. We show that particles larger than the smallest turbulence scales cause the suspension to deviate from the continuum limit in which its dynamics is well described by an effective suspension viscosity. This deviation is...
journal article 2016