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R Ramirez, J.P. (author), Bredenbeck, A. (author), Hamaza, S. (author)
Traditional landing gear consists of rigid linkages with dampers. They require a flat surface to function. In unstructured environments such as lunar craters or the martian polar region, these conditions are not always met. In this work, we equip a conventional quadrotor with four continuously deformable passive landing limbs with a logarithmic...
conference paper 2023
Arzberger, Fabian (author), Zevering, Jasper (author), Bredenbeck, A. (author), Borrmann, Dorit (author), Nüchter, Andreas (author)
State-of-the-art LiDAR-based 3D scanning and mapping systems focus on scenarios where good sensing coverage is ensured, such as drones, wheeled robots, cars, or backpack-mounted systems. However, in some scenarios more unconventional sensor trajectories come naturally, e.g., rolling, descending, or oscillating back and forth, but the literature...
book chapter 2022
Bredenbeck, A. (author), Della Santina, C. (author), Hamaza, S. (author)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are widely used for environmental surveying and exploration thanks to their maneuverability and accessibility. Until recently, however, these platforms were mainly used as passive systems that observe their environments visually and do not interact physically. The capability of UAVs to physically interact with...
conference paper 2022