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van Winden, Wouter A. (author), Mans, R. (author), Breestraat, Stefaan (author), Verlinden, Rob A.J. (author), Mielgo Gomez, A. (author), de Hulster, A.F. (author), de Bruijn, J.A. (author), Noorman, H.J. (author)
A novel fermentation process was developed in which renewable electricity is indirectly used as an energy source in fermentation, synergistically decreasing both the consumption of sugar as a first generation carbon source and emission of the greenhouse gas CO<sub>2</sub>. As an illustration, a glucose-based process is co-fed with formic acid...
journal article 2022
Tonin, F. (author), Tieves, F. (author), Willot, S.J. (author), Van Troost, Anouska (author), van Oosten, R.J.C. (author), Breestraat, Stefaan (author), Van Pelt, Sander (author), Alcalde, Miguel (author), Hollmann, F. (author)
The pilot-scale production of the peroxygenase from Agrocybe aegerita (rAaeUPO) is demonstrated. In a fed-batch fermentation of the recombinant Pichia pastoris, the enzyme was secreted into the culture medium to a final concentration of 0.29 g L-1 corresponding to 735 g of the peroxygenase in 2500 L of the fermentation broth after 6 days. Due...
journal article 2021