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Breitwieser, Lukas (author), Hesam, A.S. (author), Rademakers, Fons (author), Luna, Juan Gómez (author), Mutlu, Onur (author)
Agent-based modeling plays an essential role in gaining insights into biology, sociology, economics, and other fields. However, many existing agent-based simulation platforms are not suitable for large-scale studies due to the low performance of the underlying simulation engines. To overcome this limitation, we present a novel high...
conference paper 2023
Breitwieser, Lukas (author), Hesam, A.S. (author), De Montigny, Jean (author), Vavourakis, Vasileios (author), Iosif, Alexandros (author), Jennings, Jack (author), Kaiser, Marcus (author), Manca, Marco (author), Di Meglio, Alberto (author), Al-Ars, Z. (author), Rademakers, Fons (author), Mutlu, Onur (author), Bauer, Roman (author)
Motivation: Agent-based modeling is an indispensable tool for studying complex biological systems. However, existing simulation platforms do not always take full advantage of modern hardware and often have a field-specific software design. Results: We present a novel simulation platform called BioDynaMo that alleviates both of these problems....
journal article 2022