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Breugem, W.P. (author), Boersma, B.J. (author)
A direct numerical simulation (DNS) has been performed of turbulent channel flow over a three-dimensional Cartesian grid of 30×20×9 cubes in, respectively, the streamwise, spanwise, and wall-normal direction. The grid of cubes mimics a permeable wall with a porosity of 0.875. The flow field is resolved with 600×400×400 mesh points. To enforce...
journal article 2005
Breugem, W.P. (author), Pourquie, M. (author), Boersma, B.J. (author)
The Immersed Boundary Method (IBM) is a powerful method for simulating flows in complex geometries [1,2]. In this method complex geometries are embedded on a computational grid, which usually does not conform to the shape of the geometries. No boundary conditions are specified, but instead in the vicinity of solid boundaries forces are imposed...
conference paper