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Salauddin, M (author), Broere, A. (author), van der Meer, J.W. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author), Bijl, E (author)
Single layer concrete armor systems are being widely used nowadays in the design of rubble mound breakwaters. Recently, a new concrete armor unit has been developed and applied as single layer armor system in the repair works of one damaged breakwater at Al Fujeirah, UAE. It has a symmetrical shape, in contrast to most other units. Modern...
journal article 2017
Salauddin, M. (author), Broere, A. (author), Van der Meer, J.W. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author), Bijl, E. (author)
A new and symmetrical single layer armour unit, the crablock, has been designed in the UAE. One breakwater was reconstructed with crablock, but very limited testing had been performed. Just to become more acquainted with this new unit, pre-competitive research at a university has been performed, which is the subject of this paper. Being a new...
conference paper 2015
Broere, A. (author)
The protection of breakwater structures is in this research considered. The design of rubble mound concrete armour layers for breakwaters can be divided in a single layer system and a double layer system. The single layer system is nowadays mostly applied because of the high interlocking, high stability of the structure, reduction of concrete...
master thesis 2015