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Gernat, D.C. (author), Rozenbroek, Renzo (author), Brouwer, Eric R. (author), van der Wielen, L.A.M. (author), Ottens, M. (author)
BACKGROUND: Recently, a new process concept has been proposed to selectively adsorb wort off-flavours, i.e. aldehydes, from alcohol-free beers with hydrophobic zeolites. RESULTS: In this work, we investigated the uptake of a mixture of wort flavour compounds (2-methylpropanal, 2-methylbutanal, 3-methylbutanal, furfural, and methional), from a...
journal article 2020
Saffarionpour, S. (author), de Jong, Tessa F. (author), van der Wielen, L.A.M. (author), Brouwer, Eric (author), Ottens, M. (author)
For simulating an adsorption/elution step for separation and recovery of flavor-active esters in beer in the presence of ethanol at various temperatures, and validating the predicted breakthrough behavior, equilibrium data on concentration of each ester is required. This work evaluates the application of frontal analysis method (FA) for...
journal article 2019