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Bruins, J.H. (author)
In The Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries, manganese is removed from groundwater by aeration followed by rapid (sand) filtration. Although manganese removal from groundwater has been studied extensively, the mechanisms that control the ripening of filter media are not yet fully understood. <br/><br/>This thesis highlights the role...
doctoral thesis 2016
Bruins, J.H. (author), Petrusevski, B. (author), Slokar, Y.M. (author), Huysman, K. (author), Joris, K. (author), Kruithof, J.C. (author), Kennedy, M.D. (author)
Effective manganese removal by conventional aeration-filtration with virgin filter media requires a long ripening time. The aim of this study was to assess the potential of manganese oxide-coated media to shorten the ripening time of filters with virgin media, under practical conditions. A full scale filter filled with virgin sand and a full...
journal article 2015