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Janssen, H.J. (author), Bruinsma, Gerben J.N. (author), Weerman, Frank M. (author)
The aim of the current study is to provide an empirical test of containment theory of Walter Reckless (1899–1988). The theory proposes that outer and inner containment hold adolescents back from delinquency even when external factors pull and push them toward it. This early control theory was ahead of its time, but never received the...
journal article 2021
Janssen, H.J. (author), Eichelsheim, Veroni I. (author), Deković, Maja (author), Bruinsma, Gerben J.N. (author)
In the current study, we examined longitudinally whether boys and girls differed in pathways from parenting to delinquency. Longitudinal mediational models were tested for boys and girls separately in which three parenting dimensions (i.e., monitoring, limit setting, and the quality of the parent-adolescent relationship) were hypothesized to...
journal article 2017