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Denkers, J. (author), Brunner, Marvin (author), van Gool, Louis (author), Vinju, Jurgen J. (author), Zaidman, A.E. (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
Flexible printing systems are highly complex systems that consist of printers, that print individual sheets of paper, and finishing equipment, that processes sheets after printing, for example, assembling a book. Integrating finishing equipment with printers involves the development of control software that configures the devices, taking...
journal article 2023
Denkers, J. (author), Brunner, Marvin (author), van Gool, Louis (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
Within the printing industry, much of the variety in printed applications comes from the variety in finishing. Finishing comprises the processing of sheets of paper after being printed, e.g. to form books. The configuration space of finishers, i.e. all possible configurations given the available features and hardware capabilities, are large....
conference paper 2021