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Hogendoorn, W.J. (author), Breugem, W.P. (author), Frank, David (author), Bruschewski, Martin (author), Grundmann, Sven (author), Poelma, C. (author)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) experiments have been performed in conjunction with direct numerical simulations (DNS) to study neutrally buoyant particle-laden pipe flows. The flows are characterized by the suspension liquid Reynolds number (Res), based on the bulk liquid velocity and suspension viscosity obtained from Eilers' correlation,...
journal article 2023
Hogendoorn, W.J. (author), Frank, David (author), Bruschewski, Martin (author), Poelma, C. (author)
Using magnetic resonance imaging we are able to obtain average velocity and volume fraction profiles in a pipe flow with a neutrally buoyant suspension. In this experimental work, the effect of increasing Reynolds number and particle volume fraction on shear-induced migration is studied. For increasing bulk volume fraction, the initially...
conference paper 2022
John, Kristine (author), Jahangir, S. (author), Gawandalkar, U.U. (author), Hogendoorn, W.J. (author), Poelma, C. (author), Grundmann, Sven (author), Bruschewski, Martin (author)
This study focuses on the measurement accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry (MRV) in high-speed turbulent flows. One of the most prominent errors in MRV is the displacement error, which describes the misregistration of spatial coordinates and velocity components in moving fluids. Displacement errors are particularly critical for experiments...
journal article 2020