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Budel, G.J.A. (author)
Networks are becoming ever more important in today's highly interconnected society, from telecommunication networks and social networks to power grids and the Internet. The field of Network Science seeks to uncover structure within the complex topologies of networks and the processes that govern their link formation. Many methods and models in...
doctoral thesis 2024
Budel, G.J.A. (author), Frasincar, Flavius (author), Boekestijn, David (author)
Sequence data mining has become an increasingly popular research topic as the availability of data has grown rapidly over the past decades. Sequence clustering is a type of method within this field that is in high demand in the industry, but the sequence clustering problem is non-trivial and, as opposed to static cluster analysis,...
journal article 2024
Budel, G.J.A. (author), Jin, Y. (author), Van Mieghem, P.F.A. (author), Kitsak, M.A. (author)
Interpreting natural language is an increasingly important task in computer algorithms due to the growing availability of unstructured textual data. Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications rely on semantic networks for structured knowledge representation. The fundamental properties of semantic networks must be taken into account when...
journal article 2023