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Buijs, L. (author), Hoogelander, M. (author)
In this work, a switched-device power amplier using bias control is designed and realized. The PA operates at a frequency of 100MHz. Test results show that the PA achieves a PAE of 63% at −6dB power back-off and 60% at the peak output power of 40dBm. First, an overview of the state-of-the-art PA technology and performance in high PAPR...
bachelor thesis 2017
van den Buijs, L. (author), Kölling, B. (author)
More insight and control is warranted over an in-home energy management system, consisting in our case mainly of a Tesla Powerwall and a SolarEdge Inverter, in order to allow for further research and development on the possibilities within the field. Not much is known yet on the Tesla Powerwall and its communication, as they aren’t widely...
bachelor thesis 2016