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Rol, M.A. (author), Battistel, F. (author), Malinowski, F.K. (author), Bultink, C.C. (author), Tarasinski, B.M. (author), Vollmer, R. (author), Haider, S.N. (author), Muthusubramanian, N. (author), Bruno, A. (author), Terhal, B.M. (author), DiCarlo, L. (author)
Conditional-phase (cz) gates in transmons can be realized by flux pulsing computational states towards resonance with noncomputational ones. We present a 40 ns cz gate based on a bipolar flux pulse suppressing leakage (0.1%) by interference and approaching the speed limit set by exchange coupling. This pulse harnesses a built-in echo to...
journal article 2019
Bultink, C.C. (author), Tarasinski, B.M. (author), Haandbæk, N. (author), Poletto, S. (author), Haider, S.N. (author), Michalak, D.J. (author), Bruno, A. (author), di Carlo, L. (author)
We present and demonstrate a general three-step method for extracting the quantum efficiency of dispersive qubit readout in circuit QED. We use active depletion of post-measurement photons and optimal integration weight functions on two quadratures to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio of the non-steady-state homodyne measurement. We derive...
journal article 2018