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Pini, M. (author), Giuffré, A. (author), Cappiello, A. (author), Majer, M. (author), Bunschoten, E.C. (author)
Modeling non-ideal compressible flows in the context of computational fluid-dynamics (CFD) requires the calculation of thermodynamic state properties at each step of the iterative solution process. To this purpose, the use of a built-in fundamental equation of state (EoS) in entropic form, i.e., s= s(e, ρ), can be particularly cost-effective,...
book chapter 2023
Bunschoten, E.C. (author)
As aircraft manufacturers push for better fuel economy, novel aircraft concepts, like the propulsive fuselage concept have emerged. One of the prime component of such concepts is the boundary layer ingestion (BLI) engine. Such engine operates by ingesting the low-momentum fluid emerging from the surface of the aircraft fuselage which enables to...
master thesis 2020