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Broos, E.J. (author), Hoebee, W. (author), van Scherpenzeel, B.R.J. (author), Burgers, J.J. (author), Schweter, L. (author), van Deyzen, A. (author)
Mooring of vessels is very important for safe and efficient cargo handling of ships in ports, just as safe infrastructure is important. Civil Engineers and Mariners used to have a different approach for the same problem: what should be the safe working load (SWL) of a bollard. Mariners use the Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) of their mooring lines...
conference paper 2018
Burgers, J.J. (author)
master thesis 2005
Bos, C. (author), Burgers, J.J. (author), Van Dijk, M. (author), Heeringa, E. (author), Van den Hengel, D. (author), Lausman, R. (author), Oortman, N. (author), Poot, R. (author), Segboer, T. (author), De Sonneville, B. (author)
Research has been carried out in St. Konstantin, Varna, Bulgaria. In the second chapter of this report an Analysis of the Tetra pods on breakwater of the “Sunny Day Marina is presented, where the damage is determined and different approaches are used and compared to determine the significant wave height. In the third chapter the beach...
student report 2004