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Caceres Tocora, Camilo (author)
Semantic segmentation of aerial images is the ability to assign labels to all pixels of an image. It proves to be essential for various applications such as urban planning, agriculture and real-estate analysis. Deep Learning techniques have shown satisfactory results in performing semantic segmentation tasks. Training a deep learning model is an...
master thesis 2022
Apra, Irène (author), Bachert, Carolin (author), Caceres Tocora, Camilo (author), TUFAN, ÖZGE (author), Veselý, Ondrej (author)
Led in cooperation with the company Brink, who provides management and consultation services for construction and real estate sectors, this Synthesis Project aims at automatically deriving meaningful information about buildings. More precisely, the focus is to automatically detect roof obstacles - such as dormers, chimneys, and solar panels - to...
student report 2021