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Armanini, S.F. (author), Caetano, J. V. (author), de Visser, C.C. (author), Pavel, M.D. (author), de Croon, G.C.H.E. (author), Mulder, Max (author)
Despite significant interest in tailless flapping-wing micro aerial vehicle designs, tailed configurations are often favoured, as they offer many benefits, such as static stability and a simpler control strategy, separating wing and tail control. However, the tail aerodynamics are highly complex due to the interaction between the unsteady...
journal article 2019
Caetano, J. V. (author), Armanini, S.F. (author), Karasek, M. (author)
Although flapping-wing micro aerial vehicles have become a hot topic in academia, the knowledge we have of these systems, their force generation mechanisms and dynamics is still limited. Recent technological advances have allowed for the development of free flight test setups using on-board sensors and external tracking systems, for system...
conference paper 2017