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Caldarella, Nina (author), López-Dekker, Paco (author), Prats-Iraola, Pau (author), Nouguier, Frederic (author), Chapron, Bertrand (author), Zonno, Mariantonietta (author), Rodriguez-Cassola, Marc (author)
Observations of wind and ocean surface velocity vectors by along-track interferometry (ATI) with the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) are not only important for direct applications but also to increase understandings of ocean upper layer mixing, air-ocean interactions, and mapping submesoscale (1-10 km) structures. An experimental bidirectional...
journal article 2022
Caldarella, Nina (author)
Direct measurement of ocean surface velocity from space with a Synthetic Aperture Radar has shown to be a promising method to observe ocean surface currents. In this thesis report a method for Total Surface Current Vector (TSCV) retrieval using an experimental Bidirectional (BiDi) Along-Track Interferometric (ATI) acquisition mode with TanDEM-X...
master thesis 2018