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Menicucci, A. (author), Malatesta, F. (author), Di Capua, Francesco (author), Campajola, Luigi (author), Casolaro, Pierluigi (author), Furano, Gianluca (author), Di Mascio, S. (author), Ottavi, Marco (author)
The tolerance to the cumulative effects of ionizing radiation is one of the most important parameters to keep into account when selecting an EEE component for space applications. TID sensitivity is normally investigated measuring changes induced by gamma rays from 60Co sources to nominal parameters of a component or to its expected functional...
conference paper 2018
Di Mascio, S. (author), Menicucci, A. (author), Furano, Gianluca (author), Szewczyk, Tomasz (author), Campajola, Luigi (author), Di Capua, Francesco (author), Lucaroni, Andrea (author), Ottavi, Marco (author)
The use of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions in the design of on-board data handling systems is an important step towards further miniaturization in space. However, the Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Single Event Effects (SEE) characterization of these complex devices present new challenges that are either not fully addressed by current testing...
journal article 2018