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Augusto da Silva, F. (author), Cantoro, Riccardo (author), Hamdioui, S. (author), Sartoni, Sandro (author), Sauer, Christian (author), Sonza Reorda, Matteo (author)
In order to match the strict reliability requirements mandated by regulations and standards adopted in the automotive sector, as well as other domains where safety is a major concern, the in-field testing of the most critical devices, including microcontrollers and systems on chip, is a crucial task. Since the controller area network (CAN)...
journal article 2022
Augusto da Silva, F. (author), Bagbaba, Ahmet Cagri (author), Sartoni, Sandro (author), Cantoro, Riccardo (author), Reorda, Matteo Sonza (author), Hamdioui, S. (author), Sauer, Christian (author)
The development of Integrated Circuits for the Automotive sector imposes on major challenges. ISO26262 compliance, as part of this process, entails complex analysis for the evaluation of potential random hardware faults. This paper proposes a systematic approach to identify faults that do not disrupt safety-critical functionalities and...
conference paper 2020