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Caporalini, Luisa (author)
Digital Twin (DT) technology has transformed construction by creating virtual counterparts of real-world objects for improved project design and management. Integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) with Game Engines (GEs) like Unity3D is crucial for effective DT implementation in construction. However, research in this area is limited,...
master thesis 2023
Godlewski, Gabriela (author), Caporalini, Luisa (author), Deuss, Bram (author)
The city of Venice has been prone to flooding throughout its history. However, flooding has recently been occurring more often than before. As a result, engineers have collaborated to come up with a potential solution to the flooding. This solution, a mobile barrier known as the Experimental Electromechanical Module (Modulo Sperimentale...
student report 2020