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Pini, M. (author), Giuffré, A. (author), Cappiello, A. (author), Majer, M. (author), Bunschoten, E.C. (author)
Modeling non-ideal compressible flows in the context of computational fluid-dynamics (CFD) requires the calculation of thermodynamic state properties at each step of the iterative solution process. To this purpose, the use of a built-in fundamental equation of state (EoS) in entropic form, i.e., s= s(e, ρ), can be particularly cost-effective,...
book chapter 2023
Cappiello, A. (author)
My master thesis project revolves around the theme of festivalisation of contemporary cities. This emerging phenomenon sees the instrumentalization of cultural events and festivals into powerful economic tools to attract a global flow of event-driven tourists. This economic model, together with the fast development of infrastructural fast...
master thesis 2020