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Breitschaft, Stefan Josef (author), Heijboer, Stefan (author), Shor, Daniel (author), Tempelman, E. (author), Vink, P. (author), Carbon, Claus Christian (author)
After decades of research and development, haptic feedback is increasingly appearing in consumer products. While the prevalence of haptic feedback is increasing, the integration rarely offers increased fidelity to previous generations. We argue this is because of the tremendous complexity of successful haptic design engineering, but...
review 2022
Prasch, Johanna E. (author), Neelim, Ananta (author), Carbon, Claus Christian (author), Schoormans, J.P.L. (author), Blijlevens, Janneke (author)
The enhancement of social inclusion is a key to maintaining cohesion in society and to foster the benefits of cultural diversity. Using insights from the Dual Identity Model (DIM) with a special focus on active categorization, we develop an intervention to increase social inclusion. Our intervention encourages the participants to (re-...
journal article 2022
Schifferstein, Hendrik N.J. (author), Wehrle, T. (author), Carbon, Claus-Christian (author)
The variety of fruits and vegetables in today’s supermarkets is enormous. We investigated how color may lead consumers to anticipate differences in product properties. Forty volunteers rated the expected properties for carrots with different colors presented in pictures, together with their familiarity, purchase intention, and intended...
journal article 2019