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Cazarin, C. L. (author), van der Velde, R. (author), Santos, R. V. (author), Reijmer, J. J.G. (author), Bezerra, F. H.R. (author), Bertotti, G. (author), La Bruna, V. (author), Silva, D. C.C. (author), de Castro, D. L. (author), Srivastava, N. K. (author), Barbosa, P. F. (author)
This study combines multiscale analyses of geological, fault, fracture, and stable isotope data to investigate strike-slip deformation and channeling of hydrothermal fluids along the Cafarnaum fault and calcite veins at different distances from the fault, which is a structure in the São Francisco Craton, northeastern Brazil. Meteoric fluids...
journal article 2021
Bezerra, F.H.G. (author), Cazarin, C. (author), Nogueira, F. (author), Rabelo, J. (author), Bertotti, G. (author), Bisdom, K. (author), Silva, C. (author), Maia, R. (author)
journal article 2015
Bertotti, G. (author), Bezerra, F.H. (author), Bisdom, K. (author), Cazarin, C. (author), Reijmer, J. (author)
Outcropping analogs can provide key information on the 3D organization of fracture networks affecting carbonate reservoirs. Such information, however, needs to be integrated in a consistent work flow which includes i) 3D geometric model of the reservoir architecture, ii) mechanic modeling to determine areas of fracturing, iii) characterization...
conference paper 2013