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Montagud, Mario (author), Li, Jie (author), Cernigliaro, Gianluca (author), El Ali, Abdallah (author), Fernández, Sergi (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
Social VR enables people to interact over distance with others in real-time. It allows remote people, typically represented as avatars, to communicate and perform activities together in a shared virtual environment, extending the capabilities of traditional social platforms like Facebook and Netflix. This paper explores the benefits and...
journal article 2022
Jansen, Jack (author), Subramanyam, Shishir (author), Bouqueau, Romain (author), Cernigliaro, Gianluca (author), Cabré, Marc Martos (author), Pérez, Fernando (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
The advent of affordable 3D capture and display hardware is making volumetric videoconferencing feasible. This technology increases the immersion of the participants, breaking the flat restriction of 2D screens, by allowing them to collaborate and interact in shared virtual reality spaces. In this paper we introduce the design and development...
conference paper 2020