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Deng, Z. (author), Muñoz Sierra, Julian (author), Ferreira, Ana Lucia Morgado (author), Cerqueda Garcia, D. (author), Spanjers, H. (author), van Lier, J.B. (author)
Treating protein-rich wastewater using cost-effective and simple-structured single-stage reactors presents several challenges. In this study, we applied an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (AnSBR) to treat protein-rich wastewater from a slaughterhouse. We focused on identifying the key factors influencing the removal of chemical oxygen...
journal article 2023
Muñoz Sierra, Julian (author), Garcia Rea, V.S. (author), Cerqueda Garcia, D. (author), Spanjers, H. (author), van Lier, J.B. (author)
Closing water loops in chemical industries result in hot and highly saline residual streams, often characterized by high strength and the presence of refractory or toxic compounds. These streams are attractive for anaerobic technologies, provided the chemical compounds are biodegradable. However, under such harsh conditions, effective biomass...
journal article 2020
Muñoz Sierra, Julian (author), Wang, W.W. (author), Cerqueda Garcia, D. (author), Oosterkamp, M.J. (author), Spanjers, H. (author), van Lier, J.B. (author)
This study examined the temperature susceptibility of a continuous-flow lab-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) to temperature shifts from 35 °C to 55 °C and its bioconversion robustness treating synthetic phenolic wastewater at 16 gNa<sup>+.</sup>L<sup>−1</sup>. During the experiment, the mesophilic reactor was subjected to stepwise...
journal article 2018